Welcome to the Land of Dragons

Welcome young one. Get comfortable, while I tell you a short tale. The one of our people. The Dragon.

In the beginning there was one dragon. His scales shone like the stars and his breath was ten times hotter than a young, white, dwarf star. His eyes could see all, the waves of the universe's magic drew him through eternity. One day he saw the flow of magic ripple, and not from himself. He knew that somewhere there was another, like him, a magic user. He found this being and was startled to find a brilliant gold dragon. She was almost his size and reflected the lights around her in a dizzying display with her every movement. They fell in love and bared a child. They found that their child could control each of their magic. The father's magic was over time, space and the spirits; whereas, the mother's magic was over elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. To this day we call that breed a Time Element. A dragon who's heritage could date back to two of the first dragons in our universe. They are the most noble, and bravest of our kind. Other dragons began to appear: Fire, Water, Nature, Rock, Wind, Ice, Electric, and Psychic. All very powerful, each establishing a home on thriving planets. They shaped their homes to fit their needs and settled.

Today, all of dragon-kind are in danger. A dark spell gone wrong turned into a living virus. It feeds off of a dragon host and turns them rabid. The dragon that has been taken over turns bloodthirsty and kills their own kind, feeding off of their comrades own flesh and blood. When the virus took over enough dragons it prepared an attack against the Time Elementals. For whatever reason, they could not become infected. The Time dragons bought themselves enough time to save their princess, a youngling who would turn adult in a few decades. Though she was young, she was the wisest of them and they decided she must live on to save their people. She was placed in an egg capsule and they reverted her back to an egg. They sent the egg to a portion of her galaxy that had remained untouched by the virus. Immediately after the princess was sent away, the time dragons vanished. Some believe that they were all killed, some believe that they abandoned the other elements to fend for themselves, while others believe that they were still alive somewhere and held on to the hope that they may one day return to save them.

Your Story

Welcome to Tempo Regine! We dedicate our lives to training young dragons such as yourself to becoming strong, intelligent and a skilled fighter. We don't discriminate against Dark Dragons or Dragon Warriors on this campus(unless you are trying to eat us). We understand that the virus does not fully control every dragon and that you are a victim of the disease. Feel free to join our ranks and apply now to fight. Our school accepts dragons anywhere between 12 and 145 Earth Years old. When filling out the application there are things you should remember.

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What element are you?
  3. Are you infected?
  4. Allegiance?
  5. Height in human form?
  6. Eye color(corresponding with element)?
  7. Hair Length(Short, Medium, Long)?
  8. Hair type(Straight, Curly, Wavy)?
  9. Hair Color?
  10. Anything else we should know?
  11. Are you attending school or requesting a visitors pass?(If you do not want to be counted as a student then please select "Visitors Pass"

    After you have filled out your application you should feel free to travel through the site. Talk to other students and build your own character and personality as you continue. Enjoy your stay at Tempo Regine! 

Want to Remain Anonymous?

For those of you whom wish to remain anonymous, feel free to continue on to the forum, but without a pass or student identification you will not be able to access the campus grounds. You may, however, visit other planets and cities. You may join the school at any time if you wish to join in on the fun and adventures inside the school grounds.

Welcome to Tempo Regine!